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High Efficiency Automatic Tablet Coating Machine


THAI COATER® delivers highly efficient coating processes for use in pharmaceuticals, food, agricultural, and allied industries. Our series of systems range from laboratory scale up to production, with capacities from 2 kg to 400 kg.

THAI COATER® ensures rapid and effective drying of sprayed core materials, resulting in optimal processing times and favorable coating results. Our systems are available in manual and fully automated processing options, with explosion-proof versions, advanced accessories, and validation services available upon request. We also offer a dedicated sugar-coating system or the option to append it to our film coating system for versatility.


Our Coating Pan features a perforated stainless steel drum that rotates on a horizontal axis. Equipped with built-in baffles, the pan promotes uniform coating and prevents core materials from sticking together during the coating process.

The core materials are coated by our spray distribution system, which continuously sprays onto the pre-warmed core materials as they rotate in the coating pan. We harmonize the volume and temperature of the inlet air with the spraying speed to ensure that the core materials remain at a stable temperature throughout the process.

Our preconditioned inlet air, which is conditioned to the most suitable to our customer requirements in term of Temperature, Humidity and Cleanliness, is circulated through the pan, drying the coated tablets, and subsequently exhausted through filter and duct.


  • Pharmaceuticals: Film Coating with Aqueous and Organic Solvent, Enteric Coating, Sugar Coating

  • Health Foods & Supplementary: Film Coating with Aqueous and Organic Solvent, Enteric Coating, Sugar Coating

  • Food: Snack, Chewing gun, Candy, Health food

  • Agricultural: Feed, Seed (Nutrient coat or Insect protection coat), Rice, Fertilizer (Slow release pellet)


  • cGMP Compliance

  • Superior coating quality

  • Consistent and Repeatable coating process

  • Substantial coating time reduction

  • Saving coating solutions up to 25%

  • Easy to operate, clean and maintenance

  • Safe and clean working environment



  • Coating Pan and All Contact Parts made of Stainless Steel SUS AISI 316

  • Adjustable Coating Pan Rotating Speed

  • Inlet Air Handling Unit with Pre-Filter, Medium Filter, and HEPA Filter

  • Electrical Heater or Steam Heat Exchanger

  • Explosion Proof (Increased Safety) for Pan Motor

  • Non-Explosion Proof Motor for Exhaust and Inlet Pan

  • Non-Explosion Proof Control Unit

  • Peristaltic Pump and Spray Guns

  • Coating Solution Holding Tank with Pneumatic Stirrer

  • Reverse Pulse Jet Dust Collector for Exhaust Filter

  • Touch Screen and Programmable Logic Controller


  • Explosion Proof System

  • Dehumidifier for Inlet Air (Chilled Water or Refrigerant Types)

  • Paper or Paperless Recorder

  • Automatic Discharging System

  • Special Charging Device

  • Washing in Place (WIP)

  • Sugar Coating Equipment

  • Validation Documents: Installation Qualification / Operational Qualification

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