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PMS Hot Air and Sterilizing Oven


PMS Hot Air Ovens are operated by generating heated air, which will be circulated evenly throughout the chamber using blower to ensure consistent temperature distribution and eliminating temperature gradients. This uniform heating is critical for achieving accurate and reliable results. They are essential pieces of equipment that are used to dry products or equipment in pharmaceutical, food, and cosmetic industries.

PMS provides solution to economical, fast and efficient drying of a wide variety of material in powder, granule, crystalline, filter cake and fresh herb form. The design ensures consistent and perfect drying result. The oven, built to a modular design, can be supplied with tray capabilities ranging from 100 to 500 liters per batch. PMS can also offer the customized solution for the clients.


PMS can offer the high temperature option that can run up to 230 C. One of the key applications of this high temperature oven is sterilization. By subjecting equipment, glassware, and other items to high temperatures, hot air ovens effectively kill or remove microorganisms, including bacteria, viruses, and fungi. The dry heat also eliminates moisture, which is essential for the destruction of microorganisms, making it a preferred method for heat-sensitive materials or those prone to moisture absorption.




The principle of operation is that air is drawn from the operation room, through the heater and into the product area. The drying process effectively and uniformly utilizing a horizontal air flow over and under the trays. Operating on a double pass principle, the hot air is re-circulated around the product area whilst being reheated and conditioned. This ensures a uniform temperature distribution and even air movement around each tray thereby producing consistent product drying.


Manually operated damper, sited at the top of the oven, control air rejection and humidity release and to the external environment, as well as fresh air intake to the system. 


For ease of cleaning, the ovens are internally fabricated in stainless steel 304, fitted with continuously welded floor plate and built to a modular design. As well, trays and mobile rack are made of stainless steel 304. The oven structure is constructed with mild steel, insulated with mineral wool and clad with steel sheet.


Electrical control unit with Temperature control, Timer, Blower Control with all safety instruments are supplied as standard on all units. Our electrical control unit is not flameproof type and is not recommended when fire risks exist from the material being dried for from any other sources, which would call for certified flameproof equipments such as product with solvents


  • Drying of Granules, Powder, and Capsule: Hot air ovens are utilized for drying various substances, including chemicals, pharmaceuticals, cosmetic and food products. The controlled heating and circulation of hot air help to remove moisture from the items.

  • Drying of Raw Materials: Hot Air Oven is effectively used to dry herb and active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs).

  • Stability testing of pharmaceutical products to assess their shelf life and quality.

  • Extraction processes:  The Hot Air Ovens are used to remove solvents or moisture from herbal extracts, cosmetic formulation, or concentrates.

  • Dry Heat Sterilization: Hot air ovens are widely used for sterilizing laboratory equipment, glassware, surgical instruments, and other items. They provide a dry heat environment that effectively kills or removes microorganisms. It is suitable for moisture sensitive equipment and material.


  • cGMP Compliance: Ensure the safety and quality of products produced 

  • Effective and Uniform Drying

  • Easy to Operate, Clean and Maintenance: It requires a litter training to be used proficiently. 

  • Space Saving

  • Low service and maintenance

  • Can be used with Varieties of Products and Applications in Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Cosmetic, Herbal, and Food Industries

  • Customizable to match the customer space and temperature requirements


  • All contact parts made of stainless steel SUS 304

  • Maximum 100 C for Drying Oven

  • External part and oven structure made of painted steel

  • Blower Unit and Perforated Sheet for Air Distribution

  • Single Speed, non-explosion proof geared motor

  • Electrical Heating

  • Electrical Control Unit with Semi-automatic Control System

  • Perforated or Sold Trays

  • Rack with four set of Casters

  • Commissioning Report


  • All contact parts made of stainless steel SUS AISI 316

  • Up to 230 C for Dry Heat Sterilization

  • Customized Dimension to match Space Requirements

  • Variable Speed Drive

  • Explosion Proof Motor / Control

  • Parameter Recorder

  • Programmable Logic Control and HMI

  • Additional Racks or Trays

  • Validation Document: Installation Qualification (IQ)/ Operational Qualification (OQ)

  • CFR 21 Part 11 Audit trail Compliance 

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